Oh, My God. Friday.

(WOW. Hella derail on the audio there! I’ll go back later tonight and re-upload)

This was shot a few weeks ago on a night we decided to make pizza from scratch. Not sure what else to tell you on this one. It was a lot of fun, and Paco is full of interesting stories, as you will see towards the end.

And of course we announce the raffle winner at the end (we do sorta want you to watch at least part of the episode!). Funny how it happened, actually…

Next week is the last of our backlogged episodes, then we may have a couple of weeks of clip shows because Angela is due to give birth on August 31st! Say hey in the comments, y’all, she has been pretty convinced it’ll never end.



There’s no real reason we couldn’t get a video done sooner. We have two episodes filmed, it’s just that Lissa is lazy.

But that is all about to change. Anyway, enough talk, here –

So the upshot is, if you leave a comment, you’re entered into a raffle to win a $30 gift cert to the movie chain of your choice to go see Bandslam, which was written by our very favorite Josh A. Cagan, without whose guidance we would be out every night delinquently punching donkeys.

It is $30 in order to give you a head start on snacks. I know I don’t enjoy a movie without a bag of Twizzlers, how about you?

In fact, just to make it fun, when you leave your comment, why don’t you tell us what your favorite moviegoing snack is?

Oh, and in the episode we discuss a prize winning video that Lissa made, and here that is –

Okay! We look forward to your comments! See you next week!

P.S. If you are the ticket winner you have to take a picture of yourself with your ticket stub so we can post it!

This week’s song is “Amphetamine” from the Bandslam soundtrack.

So…yeah. This one took a while. And it marks a format shift for us; after this, we’re going back to our original concept for OMGFriday, which is utterly candid, limitedly edited video.

It was always supposed to be like a mini-reality show, and we got away from that. It’ll be easier on all of us from now on, and that’s only brilliant.

Oh, and we brought in some dude that lives next door to me to add a little spice.

(we’ve known him for years. the living next door to me thing is actually a funny coincidence)

So, bear with us this week, as this is a long long episode – there was SO MUCH FOOTAGE to go through, I was sick of it by the end, and I don’t even know if this video works properly – but after this it’ll be awesome. Really.

(I am so good at selling this, right? HA)

Oh, what a short blog this week! But worth it, we think; there is some footage of us making a hoop, but the bulk of this week is a pair of songs from our friend Marc Gunn’s set at the Texas Scottish Festival last Saturday.

Yeah, he’s cute, an excellent musician, and wearing a kilt. You’re welcome.

Might get back to some semblance of normal next week. But we were happy with the short episode, as it meant we got to spend time with friends we don’t see very often. It was a lot of fun.

Oh, the soundtrack? 15 Step by Radiohead, which seems to be the only really good Radiohead song in existence. We bought the MP3 from Amazon.com.

We’re back!

This week we’re still into hooping, but now we’re making our own hoops.

Plus hey! An appearance by Christine Rose, co-author of the award winning novel “Rowan of the Wood!”

And all the cuteness you need.

Not sure what next week’s episode will be. Don’t think we taped anything…oops.


Posted on: May 28, 2009

Oh yeah.

Sorry. Angela had a bad week with her pregnancy, then I had a bad week with a little problem of my own. We meant to do a clip show, but…yeah.

We do have this week’s show pretty much ready to go. We further explore hooping in this one. It was fun! Can’t wait for you to see it.

Never let it be said the girls are afraid to make idiots out of themselves for the audience: this week, Lissa demonstrates her new passion for hooping and makes a complete tit of herself; together, the girls report on book recommendations; Aaron returns with a Clever Moment involving the manufacture of one’s own alcoholic beverage.

Next week’s a clip show, we’re afraid; Angela had a bad pregnancy week, so we didn’t get anything filmed. No worries, next week we’ll film ourselves at the last weekend of Scarborough Faire, so Episode Eight is a return to the “what ARE they doing?” form to which you have become accustomed.

Episode Eleven Links

Raffle winner announced! We hope that even if you do not win, you still go see Bandslam! Lissa LOVED it.

Remember, please, that Bandslam was co-written by Josh A. Cagan, this will be important.

Oh, and we mention Steve at The Sneeze, who is very funny.

Did we miss anything?


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