Oh, My God. Friday.

OMGFriday – Donkey Hunt

Posted on: April 19, 2009

Soooo…Donkey Hunt.

It started with last week’s episode, when one Josh A. Cagan tried to find us a donkey ranch to visit. Because we’d been talking about Donkey Punching, see. Actually punching donkeys, not the…well. YOU KNOW.

Not that we’d ever, ever punch a donkey. We are both animal rights supporters. If we found a donkey ranch, we would go pet donkeys, and buy Josh a t-shirt.

Well, the donkey ranch wasn’t really a donkey ranch, so we decided to go to the zoo instead, where we would proceed to beat the dead donkey into the ground.

Don’t miss Aaron’s Clever Moment, either, or a very special Twitter Time!

And please pardon the crap graphics. Lissa got so distracted by a stupid passive-aggressive Twitter fight she was having with her ex-boyfriend (I KNOW, RIGHT!? So dumb) that she left half the interstitials at home and had to recreate them from last week’s stock footage. She’ll do better next week.

If you’d like to purchase the book we mentioned in Twitter Time, you may do so by CLICKING HERE. At this moment, going through Christine and Ethan is the only way to get your hands on their incredible book, but they’ll sign it and send you a wee giftie, too!

When it’s back in stock, you can also get it from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Thanks for watching! Next week: Box Dinners, Angela and Lissa style.


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Episode Eleven Links

Raffle winner announced! We hope that even if you do not win, you still go see Bandslam! Lissa LOVED it.

Remember, please, that Bandslam was co-written by Josh A. Cagan, this will be important.

Oh, and we mention Steve at The Sneeze, who is very funny.

Did we miss anything?


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