Oh, My God. Friday.

OMGFriday – Box Dinners

Posted on: April 27, 2009

Obviously we’re still finding our feet with this stuff. So sorry for being super late.

Aaron had, sadly, no clever moment this week, and Twitter Time got a bit wordy. But here is the episode! This week we showed you some of our dinner making moments.

(at the time of posting this the videos are still processing on YouTube but DAMN, I wanted to go to bed, so please be patient, and thanks!)

(and then fucking YouTube muted the second video because of the song we used as our intro and outro this week – “Grace Kelly” by Mika is one of our favorites! so we’re switching things to a new video provider, hopefully it’ll be sorted soon)

Next week’s going to be terribly awesome though – belly dancing, hooping, and the best Twitter Time yet!


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Episode Eleven Links

Raffle winner announced! We hope that even if you do not win, you still go see Bandslam! Lissa LOVED it.

Remember, please, that Bandslam was co-written by Josh A. Cagan, this will be important.

Oh, and we mention Steve at The Sneeze, who is very funny.

Did we miss anything?


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