Oh, My God. Friday.

Episode Ten – Bandslam!

Posted on: August 15, 2009


There’s no real reason we couldn’t get a video done sooner. We have two episodes filmed, it’s just that Lissa is lazy.

But that is all about to change. Anyway, enough talk, here –

So the upshot is, if you leave a comment, you’re entered into a raffle to win a $30 gift cert to the movie chain of your choice to go see Bandslam, which was written by our very favorite Josh A. Cagan, without whose guidance we would be out every night delinquently punching donkeys.

It is $30 in order to give you a head start on snacks. I know I don’t enjoy a movie without a bag of Twizzlers, how about you?

In fact, just to make it fun, when you leave your comment, why don’t you tell us what your favorite moviegoing snack is?

Oh, and in the episode we discuss a prize winning video that Lissa made, and here that is –

Okay! We look forward to your comments! See you next week!

P.S. If you are the ticket winner you have to take a picture of yourself with your ticket stub so we can post it!

This week’s song is “Amphetamine” from the Bandslam soundtrack.


9 Responses to "Episode Ten – Bandslam!"

OOH, first comment! If nobody else comments, does that mean I win by default??

This was the first OMG Friday I have watched. You girls are so silly together. Angela congratulations on pregnancy, you are almost done. Hang in there. Lissa, so excited to see you when you come to Vegas!

Watched the movie trailer for Bandslam. Looks super awesome. Even if I don’t win I will certainly have to check this movie out.

Happy Hooping!

I am commenting however unless this involves babysitting I will have to donate if I win!

6th commenter! Aly and Vanessa are so awesome so cool they did a movie together! I love them both! Thanks for doing this!

7th comment! haha. This movie looks great! πŸ™‚


I want to win it!! me me me!! lol.

The winner should also have to write a review. . . or not. . . the winner should have to hoop for their prize . . .or not . . . maybe that will be another contest! Great vlog! Hope to play catch up and watch older posts!

Ooo, Ooo, pick me! I must say, my curiosity is piqued πŸ™‚

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Episode Eleven Links

Raffle winner announced! We hope that even if you do not win, you still go see Bandslam! Lissa LOVED it.

Remember, please, that Bandslam was co-written by Josh A. Cagan, this will be important.

Oh, and we mention Steve at The Sneeze, who is very funny.

Did we miss anything?


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