Oh, My God. Friday.

More Than You Needed To Know

You know, most folks wake up on Friday and think, Thank God, it’s Friday.

The OMGFriday Girls suspect that Angela’s husband Aaron wakes up on Fridays and thinks, Oh, my God. Friday. Hence the name of this here blog.

That’s because for the better part of the last three years, it’s been Angela and Lissa’s tradition to meet up on Fridays, consume a lot of sugar, and watch too much television, during which time much snark is deployed.

Angela is a belly dancer, Rennie wench, and stay at home mother of Ashton. Her primary blog is Past My Bedtime, and she’s sort of new to blogging.

Lissa is a knitter, Rennie wench, and call center drone who owns a cat or two. She has been blogging under various names since 2001, but is currently known as the Swampwater Debutante.

The two girls met via Lissa’s ex-boyfriend William, who is generally referred to in unflattering, profane terms and usually not called by his real name. The friendship is regarded by the pair as pretty much the only good thing to come out of that relationship.

Curiously, from the beginning, the rest of the world has regarded it as the worst possible thing to have come from said relationship. The girls can’t imagine why. It’s a question that keeps them up at night, for reals.

Apart from their half-assed video blogging, the two girls perform with a Renaissance festival bawdy barwench act, portraying a bitch and a smartass. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who is who.

They help with songwriting duties within the group, and this is never, ever a good thing, although Lissa hastens to point out that it was Angela and another member who put together the Hedgehog Song. She had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

They hope to update on Fridays, naturally, and also that this doesn’t bore people too much.


Episode Eleven Links

Raffle winner announced! We hope that even if you do not win, you still go see Bandslam! Lissa LOVED it.

Remember, please, that Bandslam was co-written by Josh A. Cagan, this will be important.

Oh, and we mention Steve at The Sneeze, who is very funny.

Did we miss anything?


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