Oh, My God. Friday.

WOW this is late, sorry. It was late anyway, but then Vimeo had a crash. But here – welcome to Angela and Aaron’s 5th Anniversary party!

Not much to say. The transition to Vimeo has been good, we really love the ability to load episodes as one video! We won’t convert the original episodes but we will put them up on Vimeo as well.

We will also be disabling comments on the video sites themselves. If you want to leave a comment you will have to leave it here. We received a rash of nasty anonymous comments on YouTube that were just annoying and we don’t want to deal with that sort of idiotic thing. Especially since we’re fairly sure about their origin and seriously, that was just pathetic.

At any rate, enjoy the party, and we’ll see you next week! Lissa gets shoved back in front of the camera to discuss her new love, and the girls talk about books that they really like.


Belly Dancing! Remote Hunting! A Twitter Time to beat all Twitter Times both in length and content!

This past week has been nuts; Lissa has suddenly acquired a new roommate, and Angela spent the week preparing for her and Aaron’s 5th Anniversary party. It was hectic, but we hope you find it worth it!

All in one video even. Woo.

Next week’s video may be very short, as Lissa has lost her battery charger and is waiting for the new one to come in. So far next week is only the anniversary party – we’ll see!

Obviously we’re still finding our feet with this stuff. So sorry for being super late.

Aaron had, sadly, no clever moment this week, and Twitter Time got a bit wordy. But here is the episode! This week we showed you some of our dinner making moments.

(at the time of posting this the videos are still processing on YouTube but DAMN, I wanted to go to bed, so please be patient, and thanks!)

(and then fucking YouTube muted the second video because of the song we used as our intro and outro this week – “Grace Kelly” by Mika is one of our favorites! so we’re switching things to a new video provider, hopefully it’ll be sorted soon)

Next week’s going to be terribly awesome though – belly dancing, hooping, and the best Twitter Time yet!

Soooo…Donkey Hunt.

It started with last week’s episode, when one Josh A. Cagan tried to find us a donkey ranch to visit. Because we’d been talking about Donkey Punching, see. Actually punching donkeys, not the…well. YOU KNOW.

Not that we’d ever, ever punch a donkey. We are both animal rights supporters. If we found a donkey ranch, we would go pet donkeys, and buy Josh a t-shirt.

Well, the donkey ranch wasn’t really a donkey ranch, so we decided to go to the zoo instead, where we would proceed to beat the dead donkey into the ground.

Don’t miss Aaron’s Clever Moment, either, or a very special Twitter Time!

And please pardon the crap graphics. Lissa got so distracted by a stupid passive-aggressive Twitter fight she was having with her ex-boyfriend (I KNOW, RIGHT!? So dumb) that she left half the interstitials at home and had to recreate them from last week’s stock footage. She’ll do better next week.

If you’d like to purchase the book we mentioned in Twitter Time, you may do so by CLICKING HERE. At this moment, going through Christine and Ethan is the only way to get your hands on their incredible book, but they’ll sign it and send you a wee giftie, too!

When it’s back in stock, you can also get it from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Thanks for watching! Next week: Box Dinners, Angela and Lissa style.

So here it is…our first episode. Proper episode, anyway.

We called it “Learning Curves” because, well…we’re totally on a steep one. We have no idea what we’re doing. We just know we enjoy our Fridays and would like you to enjoy them with us.

We took SO MUCH FOOTAGE this first episode that it took a full 24 hours to edit. And I realized when I was editing that we needed interstitials, so I had to download GIMP and figure that out. That, as well as my rustiness at graphic design, is why the graphics look like the product of a chimp on downers. Essentially, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE.

But we are amused by what we have produced. So here you are…OMGFriday’s inaugural episode. I hope we don’t actually need to warn you about the adult content?

(featuring music by the Scissor Sisters and Fantastic Plastic MacHine)

Hopefully things will get more…tidy…as we go along.

For the link to the video that we discuss in the first section here: The Bloggess.  Baffled.

This is the last XtraNormal video, we promise. After this it’s straight up ABNORMAL video.

Okay folks!

Tonight we’re filming the first OMGFriday segments, so there won’t be a proper video featuring the human versions of us tonight. There WILL be another XtraNormal animated video later.

For tonight, we’ll be liveTweeting – mostly it’ll probably be Lissa – from the couch. Our Twitters are in the right sidebar there, so you can follow if you aren’t already. And everything tonight will be tagged with #OMGFriday for your searching convenience.

We’d explain this better, the concept of OMGFriday, but honestly…we’re not sure we COULD.

We’re just happy you’re here with us.


Episode Eleven Links

Raffle winner announced! We hope that even if you do not win, you still go see Bandslam! Lissa LOVED it.

Remember, please, that Bandslam was co-written by Josh A. Cagan, this will be important.

Oh, and we mention Steve at The Sneeze, who is very funny.

Did we miss anything?


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